Sep 7, 2016


Ro: Vineri, 26 august 2016, ora 15.48 si 32 de secunde, un avion KLM dotat  cu o viteza de 863 km/h, aterizeaza in aeroportul Schiphol, pe  Evert van de Beekstraat, nr. 202.
In urmatoarele 27 de minute, Simona se chinuie cu indarjire sa caute iesirea. Din pacate, sta foarte prost la capitolul orientare in spatiu. Stie. E obisnuita cu ideea.
In acelasi moment,  intr-un restaurant din apropiere, este prima zi de munca a lui Eugen Hermann. Reuseste, formidabil, din cauza vantului care sufla cu o viteza de 16 km/h sa verse 2 pahare de limonada cu ghimbir, 2 linguri de miere, 4 frunze de menta, 4 cuburi de gheata, si 2 felii de lime pe marginea paharului. Mai putin formidabil, cele 2 pahare, in totala independenta si autonomie se varsa pe actele si mac urile a doua femei de afaceri.
Vantul, continua cu o viteza de 17km/h, infatigabil si secetos. Pe strada Rozengracht, nr. 14, etajul 6, o gaseste pe Emma Jansen. Singura in birou, obosita, cu flecul de la pantoful stang putin tocit, isi verifica telefonul dupa ce vantul i-a deranjat actele de pe birou. Nu, niciun raspuns din partea lui.
Pe Vegastraat, nr. 78, intorcandu-se de la o intalnire cu cei mai buni prieteni, Gabriel isi ia inima in dinti si se hotaraste: Astazi isi va crea un cont de Linkedin pentru a-si gasi un loc de munca.
Pe canapea, langa balcon, o scurta adiere ma face sa imi ascund picioarele intr-o patura.
Cand naiba s-a facut toamna? Cand naiba s-a terminat si concediul acesta?

En: Friday, 26th August 2016, 3.48 pm and 32 seconds, a KLM plane with a cruising speed of 863km/h lands at Schiphol airport, on Evert van de Beekstraat, nr. 202.
In the next 27 minutes, Simona is going to do her best in trying to find a way out of  the airport. She was always bad when it came to space orientation. She knows this. She`s used to this.
At the same moment, in a nearby restaurant, it`s Eugene Hermann s first day of work. He manages, formidably, because of the wind which was speeding 16 km/h, to spill 2 glasses of limonade with ginger, 2 spoons of honey, 4 mint leaves, 4 cups of ice and 2 limes decorating the glasses. Less formidably, the 2 glasses, in total control of themselves, chose to ruin the papers and 2 macbooks belonging to 2 business women.
The wind, continues with a speed of 17 km/h, relentless and dry. On Rozengracht street, nr.14, 6th floor, it finds Emma Jensen. Alone in her office, tired, with her left shoe lit worn out, checks her phone after the wind mispaced some papers on her desk. No, still no sign from that guy.
On Vegastraat, nr. 78, returning from a meeting with his best friends, Gabriel thinks it`s time to finally make a LinkedIn profile and get a job. 
On the couch, near the balcony, I write this article. A small breeze of wind makes me hide my legs under a blanket.
When the hell did august end? When the hell did my vacation end?