Apr 12, 2016


Hat - H&M, Scarf - H&M, Coat - Vintage, Bag - Accessories, Jeans - H&M

Last time I wrote on the blog, which feels like 20 years ago, I was talking about authenticity.
Guess I was being very true to myself these past few months, because I didn`t really feel the need to post anything on the blog. Therefore, instead of "fake it till you make it", I preferred to just respect that emotion of mine. I felt the need to write from time to time, and now I regret that I didn`t do it when I had the urge, when the emotions were stronger. Still, I didn`t feel the need to post yet another outfit post. I may feel like it in the future, but not right now.
In the end, I keep this blog to collect memories, not anything else. Once I was talking to a friend and I realized during the conversation that almost all of my friends and family collect something. I felt a bit jealous and boring because I don`t collect coins, tickets from foreign countries, napkins or stuff like that. But then I remembered that, hellooo, I collect pictures and memories.That`s more important to me.
Now that the city life is so..preposterous, I start dreaming about the countryside. I remember about this amazing place we visited a month ago, Breukelen. Sometimes I think that I would love to be a country side girl, to  have a nice family, three kids, to cook for them, make love to my husband, take care of my flower garden, etc.

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