Apr 30, 2016


I was wearing: Zara beanie, H&M scarf, Ralph Lauren Jeans, my sisters boots, Accessories bag

I really have to find the time to keep posting the pictures taken in Holland a month ago. Because it`s going to be summer in no time and you will still see me on the blog, wearing a scarf, beanie and a cozy coat.

I don`t know how Beyonce has, as well as the rest of the mortals, 24 h in a day. I can barely eat 3 meals in 24 h. I definitely need a better time management game.
Right now I am in my hometown for the Easter holiday and I couldn`t be happier. When we were in Amsterdam a month ago, it was Easter for them, so you could see a lot of pictures with bunnies. In the previous post, from Bruges, you could see fat bunnies in every window. Made me miss my bunny from home even more.
This reminds me of a joke. Q: "Do you know where break ups are the worst?
                                             A: "In China, because you see her face everywhere."
The same thing goes with my bunny and the Easter Holiday.
Hope your holiday is going to be full of light, rest and love. And I hope you like my pictures too.
See you soon, bunnies! Happy Easter <3 p="">                             

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