Apr 19, 2016


The truth is, I wasn`t as eager to see Amsterdam as I was about Bruges. I couldn`t wait to see Bruges, I made an outfit especially thinking about that magnificent place. 
In the end, Amsterdam took my heart.

It`s beautiful buildings, the elaborate canal system (I almost lost my blue hat in one), the smell of weed which always took me by surprise, needing a minute or two to remember that is was all legal, 
the artistic heritage, all those bikes and .... I could go on like this forever.
Oh, and those dutch men.  Those dutch men....
Tall, blond, blue eyed..basically I was in love every 5 minutes. I have no shame. Or regrets.
I had a lot of fun and took a billion pictures in Amsterdam. I loved spending time with my sister and my cousin and I know I`m always going to remember this trip with a huge smile on my face.
Hope you like the pictures just as much as I do and don`t worry, there`s more.
Aaand, because I didn`t have that much space in my luggage, you`re going to be seing a lot of this vintage coat and those Ralph Lauren Jeans.


  1. Me encantan las fotos, el fular es precioso!!!

    feliz día guapa


  2. You look awesome!! Love the coat, jeans and belt :P!


  3. Amazing pics, I love this post!

    Alice Cerea,

  4. That first photo though - absolutely breathtaking! So glad that I found your blog. I absolutely adore your style! Keep on going :)