Feb 9, 2016


I was wearing: Top - Zara, Jeans - H&M, Coat, Backpack, Sunnies - C&A, Boots - Mango

Lately I`ve been thinking so much about authenticity. And I`ve been thinking about it from two points of view: online and offline.
When I think about authenticity, I think about a truthful reflexion of my values.
 Being authentic means being true to yourself, being comfortable with who you are truly and willing to be that person to the best of your ability.
You must  acknowledge your weaknesses and your strengths and be comfortable with them.
Also, authenticity means being connected to your emotions, own them and  express them.
You would be surprised how many people forget to be authentic just to please the people around them. Their bosses, their co workers, their crush, people from the online, and so on.
But is it worth it? Your true self will come out, sooner or later, you know?
We don`t have to impress anyone, but ourselves. We should all do things for the soul more often, and less things for the image. 
Coming from a girl who posts pictures of herself on social media almost daily, may sound a tad weird.
But hey, this is who I am. I dress casual, I dress in black and I love to take pictures of my outfits. 
If reading my blog you ever find yourself with a smile on your face and  with an idea for an outfit in your head, then I`m happy. 
I`ve always been a better listener than a talker, so I would love to read your opinions about it.