Jan 11, 2016

HELLO 2016

Boots - HERE, Sweater - First&I, Sunnies - Mango, Bracelets - H&M, Bag, Accessories, Skirt - References, Coat - Mojito

            Hey babes, how did 2016 start for you?
For me, it started with my birthday, which is never a reason for joy. Except for the presents, of course,  I`m still getting older. So why are people so mean and celebrating that? Anyway, I know what you`re going to say: "You should be happy that you got the chance to live another year", "You are the center of attention for an entire day" or "Getting older means getting better".
             I agree, but then again, I am just one of those people who have an "age thing". I embrace that. Acceptance and tolerance come with age. Hihihi
Anyway, leaving the drama behind, 2016 comes with changes and the feisty need of making more. It`s like, the more I am afraid to make a change, the more it sticks on my mind and my soul until I have no way out.
It has just begun, but I am so curious, already, to read the post I`m going to write on the first days of January 2017.
               Taking a look back in 2015, the year started in a normal climate, everything was "some ol`, same ol`", until the crazy last months of the year, when everything changed. In a blink of an eye. So yes, 2016 makes me feel so much more curious.


  1. I love this look! Those boots are stunning and the top is perfect!


  2. This look is absolutely stunning! The coat really adds the finishing touch to this look, love it! xx