Jan 27, 2016


I was wearing: H&M top, Mango boots and sunnies, Ted Baker bag, Mohito coat.

    You know how they say that "nothing is worth it if you aren`t happy"?!
These pictures were taken a while ago, while I was still 25. You know I told you about this issue I have with age and time. But as it goes by, I do learn one thing. Nothing really matters if you don`t have that peace in your soul, that balance between your head and your heart. Money really means nothing, presents mean nothing, new stuff mean nothing, sales mean nothing. All that matters is a happy heart. And it is hard to think about what you really want without hurting people around you with your decisions.

   I wrote this lines in a heartbeat, less than two minutes. I was wondering what to write today about my outfit, but what is heavy on my heart seems to be more important and my fingers today listen to my heart, not my mind.

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  1. Love the lace-up! Nice post dear