Nov 10, 2015


    Considering everything that happened lately, I couldn`t focus on posting anything on the blog. I felt like it was too superficial, pointless or meaningless, compared to the latest events.

Still, this is my little place, my little home, where I can share everything that is on my mind. Probably made a blog out of this because no one could ever take the time to listen to E.V.E.R.Y. little thing that goes through my mind, or to tell me if my hat is a good match for my outfit or not.
The point is, no matter what happens, sooner or later I still go back to my house. Just like a teenager who partied a lot, got a little drunk, but still managed to find a ride back home.
And talking about teenage, how do you like my outfit?!
This is what I wore a week ago, while on a break with the girls. I felt like I was the man of the group, taking all my ladies out. 
Hope you like it! Thank you for reading and sorry for the absence. I`m sure you remember that consistency has never been my friend. Though I should really start bonding with that annoying little fella.

I was wearing: Hat - H&M, Jeans - Ralph Lauren, Sneakers - Converse, Jacket - Mango, Scarf - Zara, Sweater, Backpack - C&A.

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