Oct 20, 2015


     Right now I`m sitting in my pj`s, eating my favorite marzipan and nougat chocolate, listening to this and going through the pics I`ve taken lately.
It`s funny how sometimes, a simple song can turn your mood from down to up, how a simple touch can make you feel butterflies and how a simple word can make you dream  all night long.
Lately, I`ve had all the symptoms.

My feet have never touched more comfortable ankle boots (..or the ground, sometimes) and the word paycheck or sales literally makes me dream a whole night long  (or stay up all night and shop online).
This Fall, like every Fall, I`m falling in love with burgundy, with deep and dark shades, with cozy coats, with red lipstick, with laughter and warm blankets.

I was wearing: Boots - CCC Shoes, Skirt - H&M, Top - Stradivarius, Coat - Vintage, Bag - Meli Melo

Love, S.

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  1. Gorgeous outfit, love the skirt!