Jul 20, 2015


     For the weekend, I went to my parents house in my hometown. It was a bliss, too short, of course, but still a bliss. There is such a big difference between my small hometown and the city I live now. My hometown is peaceful and quite, that`s why I could take these pictures at 6 p.m, in the center of the city, with only 5 or 6 people in the surrounding. I love my hometown, it`s just that feeling of belonging and of serenity every time I come here.

I didn`t get to shoot a lot of outfit pictures, because the weather was so, so, sooo hot, but I`m happy we got to shoot this one, which is my favorite.
It has everything I`m crazy about in an outfit, at the moment:
1. Black and white mix
2. Snake print accessories
3. Golden jewelry
4. Gladiator sandals
5. Cropped top
What do you think about the mix?

I was wearing: Zara sandals, Asos skirt, Marks&Spencer bag, H&M earrings, 

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