Jun 11, 2015


    From Monday to Friday, I always feel like I want to wear ripped jeans, a funny t-shirt or a way too short skirt, so it is not that easy for me to actually like what I wear when I go to work.
Usually, I just go for a pair of pants and a shirt, but right now it  feels like the weather is coming straight from hell, so I`m trying to find easy-breezy outfits for work, while still being decent and office appropriate.
While black is definitely not the go-to option when there are 500 degrees outside, this Topshop dress is very light, flare and easy to wear. I paired it with this cool blazer that I received on my birthday and voila! I`m off to work and nobody knows I`m not wearing a bra. Well, now you do.
This is why I`m so eager for the weekend, because I can finally wear whatever comes through my mind..and because I can sleep until late of course. Oh, will I ever be a morning person?
Hope you like the outfit and thank you for reading!


I was wearing:
Dress - Topshop
Heels - Zara
Sunnies - Meli Melo
Bag - Debenhams