May 29, 2015


    This is an outfit that goes so well with my mood, rather than the weather outside. Right now, I feel like it`s late autumn outside, because I am as cold as I would autumn or winter. Have no idea how this could happen. I don`t even dress too lightly, as you can see. Maybe it`s because all of the ice cream I can`t help to eat?! Anyway, I`m stuck in bed with a fever and a hot coup of hot as the weather outside. This is getting hilarious.

But let`s put my flu aside and say.. what do you think about my new Star Wars t-shirt via Kurtmann? I wore in the weekend also, you can check my Instagram for more pictures. Here, I matched it with my favorite shiny boots, a biker jacket and a pair of nude sunglasses, just to break the monotony of the black outfit. What do you think?  

I was wearing:

T-shirt - Pimkie via KURTMANN
Boots - Stradivarius
Bag - Debenhams
Jacket - Mango
Sunnies - Kotton
Jeans - Bershka


  1. Those boots are to die for! The color, material, and style are all perfect.

  2. Amazing style

  3. I love this casual (and cool) outfit.....and your sunnies are amazing!!! I'm Eni, blogger from Italy....If you want, take a look at my blog and let me know what you think. Kisses,

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  4. Very cool, great post. This outfit is wonderful, I love Star Wars!
    Enjoy the day, dear.

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