May 11, 2015


     I had a blast taking this picture and it got me thinking about how many crazy things, us bloggers do, for a perfect picture for the blog or for our Instagram feed. 
People around us already know that if we go out with them, we most certainly carry a big camera in our hand bag and  maybe stuff there a pair of high heels too. 

I got so used to doing this that I wonder how would I have spent all of  my free time if I didn`t have my blog?! It`s such a big, happy part of my life and I love that. So far, it`s just a hobby. I`ve never been consistent but I`m working on that, trying to be a "ride or die" kind of blogger (Just watched Fast and Furios 7, you get me).
 I`ll see you soon, babes! 

Yours truly,