Mar 25, 2015


"I couldn`t help but wonder"
   The line is so Sex and the City, but the thing is that,  I really couldn`t help but wonder about so many things, these last couple of  days. I always feel like I`m in front of a two way street and I have to pick one. Also, I always believe that every small decision has or will have in the future, a big impact.

I know that maybe some of you feel the same way too, but lately, I`ve been thinking about it 10 time more then the usual. I should maybe start reading a book and quiet my thoughts just a bit, so if you read an interesting book lately, feel free to share the information with me.
This is what I wore a couple of days ago, while I was out with my sister. I have came to the conclusion that my clothes are way to normal and boring, so I had to put it together in a way that would represent me. It`s time for a spring cleaning in my closet, definitely!

I was wearing: Mango jacket and sweater, New Look shoes, vintage skirt and bag.


  1. so chic!!

  2. Those sunglasses are AMAZING. Thanks for sharing and enjoy!

    Eye See Euphoria |

    1. Thank youuu, they`re my favorite too:)

  3. Really cool pictures!

  4. Amazingly chic! Love this look x

  5. great line, "I couldn't help but wonder..." it's definitely used a lot in Sex and the city, and it definitely gets us wondering too haha cute outfit love your posts

  6. One thing's for sure, you definitely have a great style and this outfit just proves it (not that the rest of them are anything less than this one :) ) Just keep up with the good work :)