Mar 2, 2015


      Maybe it`s because it is the shortest month of the year, but I feel like February has come and  gone by sooo extremely fast. The first two months of the year are gone, spring is close but I dream of summer, which, unfortunately, is always way shorter than everyone wants. And then, out of the blue, here comes autumn..and winter again. Screw it, I can almost smell my 30s!!
I am constantly battling time. I feel like it`s passing by so quickly and I must spend wisely every day, every hour but, in the same time, I love procrastinating.
In the end, I am so going to regret every day and every hour of procrastination. I know that, I do, but it`s just like a chocolate cookie. You know it`s bad for you, but you still can`t stop eating it.
    Here are some of the pictures I posted on my Instagram on February, I am still learning and pushing myself to be more active.
I had the time to visit my parents in my hometown, celebrated two years of relationship with my beloved, visited a new city, met some really, really nice people, finally got together with the nice people I already knew and missed,  finished a book, laughed every day.
Hope your February was even more awesome.



  1. These are some really amazing pictures!
    Seems like you had a wonderful month!

    XO Imke

  2. Such amazing photos, definitely checking your instagram out!

  3. Great looking pictures you have there.

    Check my new post.