Sep 7, 2016


Ro: Vineri, 26 august 2016, ora 15.48 si 32 de secunde, un avion KLM dotat  cu o viteza de 863 km/h, aterizeaza in aeroportul Schiphol, pe  Evert van de Beekstraat, nr. 202.
In urmatoarele 27 de minute, Simona se chinuie cu indarjire sa caute iesirea. Din pacate, sta foarte prost la capitolul orientare in spatiu. Stie. E obisnuita cu ideea.

Aug 30, 2016


I was wearing: Zara top and jacket, Vintage skirt, Aldo sunnies, Accessories bag.
   Nu am mai intrat pe laptop de cateva saptamani bune. De fapt, nici nu am simtit nevoia sa scriu. Uneori pur si simplu simt nevoia sa iau o pauza de la tot. Asta nu inseamna ca prietenii mei au luat o pauza de la gura mea mare si de la tot ce am avut de povestit in ultimele saptamani. Le cer scuze pe aceasta cale.
Dar ce scriu eu de fapt?
Pai sa vedem. Caut in motorul de cautare Monelis si  am gasit un pantof, o geanta, inca sunt in cautare, detectez o palarie, o plangere la adresa timpului si un crop top.
Ce nu scriu eu, pe blog, de fapt!?

Aug 23, 2016


     If we ask the urban dictionary what a girls night out is, I bet we`re gonna get something like this:
A girls night out is a planned event, usually held at a cheesy pub or dance club, where groups of females dress provocatively, flirt incessantly, dance badly and accept free drinks from desperate single men.
Well, from my experience, the men are never ACTUALLY SINGLE.
The event usually ends when one female passes out or vomits in her own bag, oooor, when one of their boyfriends show up.

Aug 9, 2016


You know what? Sometimes, it`s worth waiting!  I was so exited about my order from Gamiss that it felt like 20 years passed until I got my hands on the package. 
I felt like the faithful Penelopa while waiting for Ulysses. It took that long. Because of all the custom duties, and so on. But also, I felt so excited, just like when I have an extremely busy day at work and I order french fries at the end of it (or vodka. Let`s be serious)

Aug 2, 2016


I was wearing: Zara shoes, Zara TROUSERS, Vintage bag, Top TEMT

Can`t believe August is already here. I feel like I might blink and turn 30 before I know it. Time flies.
You know I told you how boring I felt a couple of months ago when I was talking to a friend and I realized that I don`t collect anything?!
I collect these pictures and I put them all together on my blog.